Tanya HamletRegistered Massage Therapist

    Tanya Hamlet
    Hons. B.Sc., RMT,MLD
    Registered Massage Therapist

    I am a Registered Massage Therapist at Competitive Edge Physiotherapy that graduated from ICT Kikkawa College in 2006. I became a certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist in 2014 under the instruction of John Mulligan, RMT/CLT-LANA and continued my training with the Dr.Vodder School in 2015.

    In my practice as a RMT I have successfully treated individuals in all age ranges with a variety of conditions such as tension headaches, carpel tunnel, general muscle tension, scoliosis, MS, Parkinson’s and chronic and acute back pain and more recently Lymphedema.

    My personal approach to treating an individual is to focus on the cause of the current condition as well as contributing and aggravating factors.  From there I provide a treatment plan that is unique and tailored to the individual and addresses their concerns.

    Other services I offer are Prenatal and Postpartum massage, Infant Massage Therapy and Education, Thai Yoga Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Deep Tissue Massage.