Registered Kinesiologists and Exercise Specialists will design and implement the most effective and efficient program to meet your specific HEALTH, FITNESS and HIGH PERFORMANCE needs.



  • Weight loss and General Fitness
  • Mobility and Flexibility
  • Joint Health
  • Diabetes management
  • Balancing Blood pressure
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Post Surgical Recovery


Our clients include High Performance youth and adult athletes at the National, University/Collegiate and Pro levels.  Our qualified staff are prepared to give you the “Competitive Edge” you need to perform at the highest level.



Weight loss, General Fitness, Diabetes Management, Chronic pain, Mobility and Flexibility

$55.00 + HST




Virtual Meeting 

Sunday June 2, @ 8:00pm

(30 Min)






9:00am – 10:00am 


9:00am – 10:00am

$120.00 plus HST ( $135.60) 



July 2, 3, 4

9:00am – 12:00pm 


Work towards your successful completion of  the physical demands required to pass your examinations.

$45.00 + HST

5 sessions $180.00 + HST

monthly packages available


Virtual Platform


Mon:   10-10:50am →     Strength Training

Wed:   10-10:50am → Cardio / Core

Thurs:  6-6:50pm →   Strength Training

Fri:       10-10:50am →   Joint health

$40.00 per month


Tues:  6-7pm

Sat:    9:30-10:30am

Last Tuesday of the month *Restorative Yoga* at 8pm

$45.00 per month



Virtual FIT & Yoga


$75.00 per month

Clients say

  • "I have been training with CE Physio for about 8 years. Being a competitive soccer player, injuries can and have happened. CE Physio has helped me with the proper techniques to avoid injuries. The atmosphere is very energetic and positive, which helps motivate me to work hard and strive towards my goals. Thank you CE Physio for all your help!"

    Rachel Lester
    Rachel Lester
  • "After being a client at CE Physio for almost 3 years, I can truly say my experience with the staff has been amazing.  Being an OYSL soccer player, injuries are inevitable. Working with some of the best physiotherapists has helped me recover from a number of injuries quite rapidly. The Kinesiologist and Trainers, have assisted me in reaching beyond my fitness goals, ensuring that I can perform at my greatest potential at all times."

    Kasaundra Fernandes
    Kasaundra Fernandes
  • "Donovan and the team at Competitive Edge have been helping me to improve my fitness and performance for many years.  Through their hard work and dedication, they strive to ensure that I reach my full potential and in addition, prepare me for any challenges that I could be faced with on the field.  I am extremely grateful for their guidance and hours of commitment as it has helped me to achieve many of my goals."

    Julia Crnjac
    Julia Crnjac
  • My name is Karen Allan. I am a 64 year old Woman. I have recently discovered Competitive Edge! Word of a friend led me to this amazing place. An environment where you are encouraged to do your best and more than that believe it can be done. I was tired, overweight, bad body image.  Mentally down. Then came the CE Physio team. They stood by my side at every session, teaching me how to make things happen. Encouraging me. It is five months later. I have lost my weight. I have a happy countenance. AND I AM FIT! What a difference in my life. Thank You Donovan and CE for teaching old dog new tricks. Let's keep going Donovan! !

    Karen Allan
    Karen Allan
  • I have been training regularly at CE Physio over the past year and half, typically 5 days a week.  CE Physio has helped me achieve goals that I have trying to achieve for years but had been unsuccessful until I started training with the CE Physio Team.  They motivate and encourage me to always do my best, and to work as hard as I can.  I can say with most certainty I would not be where I am today without the help from CE Physio.  Thank you for helping me move into the next chapter of my life, a starting position on the Sheridan Bruins Women’s Soccer Team and in the best physical shape I have ever been in.  I look forward to continuing our relationship for a very long time.

    Madison Roberts
    Madison Roberts
  • Thanks to the Competitive Edge team in helping Bryan prepare for his first competitive tournament, where his team, Woodbridge Strikers 04, was able to win the Ontario IndoorCup. Bryan scored two goals in the final! Thank you to  the CE Team!

    Richard Grey
    Richard Grey
  • I'm the 23 year old who broke his back and you fixed me in less then six months loll. Well I've got some great news for you. In the last year plus I've been doing awesome my back has been sore here and there but just feels like muscle sore. I've been able to get back all my snowboarding and perform better then before on the slopes. Of course with the fused spine I've had to find new movements to get into certain positions and such but it's all worked out so far. Today I figured I'd send you a quick msg cause I've just landed the biggest jumps I've ever done in my life on my board. I couldn't have done it without you bud! I'm super grateful for all your help. I'll be coming in to say hi in the next month when I get back to Toronto. Have a good day Ajay! You're the best!

    Jonathan Ruel

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