Christopher DeMeloFitness Trainer

    Christopher DeMelo
    Exercise Science Trainer & FRC Mobility Specialist

    Athletics and sport have always been something truly important to me. Since I started playing soccer, I always had a passion for finding out what would get me to the next level. What type of training could raise my level as a soccer player? I had the great opportunity of working with great coaches and trainers that helped me reach the level I wanted to be at. My journey in soccer allowed me to receive a scholarship to play in Kansas. Throughout my learning experience at school, I noticed I had a particular understanding and passion for learning how the human body works. I was especially interested in how exercise can change and enhance the human body. I took it upon myself to learn more on this topic and figure out a way to share my knowledge and understanding with other athletes so they can experience what I was able to experience.

    After my 4-year journey from 2014 to 2018, I decided to visit my old friends at Competitive Edge who in the past helped me with minor injuries that I faced and asked me to complete my internship at the clinic. They happily accepted and from then on, I became more invested and interested in helping athletes reach the next level in their career. I have now been at the clinic since 2018 training athletes in conditioning, strength, and mobility. When I am not training athletes, I help teach physio clients their rehab exercise programs. I use some of that knowledge to help my athletes understand how to prevent and treat the injuries they may face through playing their sport.

    I have a strong passion for helping educate and train athletes to build a healthier and better performing body.

    Over the past 2 years, I’ve been able to work with soccer clubs, individual players, and athletes who play other sports, around the Mississauga/Brampton area in achieving their goals in performance and injury prevention.




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