Stefanie ParovelFitness Staff

    Stefanie Parovel
    Hon. B.Sc. Kin.

    I’ve recently graduated from York University with an Honors Degree in Kinesiology & Health Science. Throughout my undergraduate career I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of different environments that have both challenged me and helped me develop valuable skills which include being a support staff and dance instructor. My years working as a support staff for Community Living Mississauga has helped me learn the value of diversity as well as improve my problem solving skills. Being a dance instructor, I have worked with individuals of all ages and abilities. I have developed a comprehensive understanding of how to encourage and motivate people in and out of the classroom. During this time I have been able to gain valuable knowledge on how to appropriately program for a variety of audiences.  My most valuable experience has come from my time working here at Competitive Edge Physiotherapy.  Working alongside my highly knowledgeable team I have learned so much about myself and the profession I am entering in to.  I plan to bring my knowledge, enthusiasm and charisma to work every single day in order to inspire those around me to get active.

    Growing up I played many different sports at many different levels. Playing competitive soccer as a teenager ignited the passion I have for health and physical activity. Through my job here at Competitive Edge I hope to help others find the same joy I do in being healthy and active and give back to athletes just as much as I was given.  It is important for me to share my knowledge and passion to help every individual reach their goals safely and effectively.


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